New York man charged in Hudson Valley escort killings

New York City authorities are investigating the deaths of two men who were allegedly lured to New York by a woman who used a cellphone video and text message to lure them to her home.

The victims were identified Monday as Michael P. Johnson, 46, of the Bronx, and Timothy P. Lott, 46 of the Queens borough of Queens, officials said.

The NYPD’s Internal Affairs Division is looking into the deaths, the department said.

It did not elaborate.

A Facebook page that Pott created for his new fiancée posted an ominous message last week: “She said I am in the Hudson Valley.

I am coming with her.

We are going to get married soon.”

Johnson said in a statement Monday that he is devastated by the deaths and wants to thank everyone who has helped him.

He said he has no plans to return to New Jersey.

“I am in shock,” he said.

“It’s hard for me to even talk about what happened to me, because I don’t know who it was, but I feel so horrible.

My mind is completely blank, so I’m just trying to process what happened.

I’m trying to move on.

I don:t know what I’ll do with myself.”

Johnson’s fiancessor, who is also named in the charges, said in an interview Monday that she is “horrified” by the allegations against her.

I have never seen her like this. “

I was so surprised that she did this to him.

I have never seen her like this.

It’s horrible.”

Johnson was arrested in September on two charges of second-degree murder and two counts of assault and battery.

He was scheduled to appear in federal court Monday morning.

The case has raised questions about the role that cellphone video can play in modern-day crimes, and whether authorities should be monitoring social media for clues that may point to a larger conspiracy.

A video posted by a person who identified herself as Pott’s girlfriend shows him allegedly driving the SUV that killed the two men in Brooklyn on July 6, shortly after they were kidnapped.

The two men were abducted on the streets of the city’s upper West Side, where they had a dispute with a man who had threatened to kill them.

Johnson allegedly drove the SUV, which had been parked at the intersection of Fifth Avenue and Park Avenue.

The SUV was driven to the nearby East Harlem home of Lott and then to the home of Johnson, where the pair was allegedly beaten and sexually assaulted, the NYPD said.

The women were pronounced dead at the scene.

Investigators found the remains of the victims in a shallow grave, where authorities believe the SUV had been left.

Lott was arrested at his home in Brooklyn, and Johnson was taken to a hospital.

The New York police Department did not provide any details on the cause of the deaths.

Lopez was charged with two counts each of second degree murder and second-to-third-degree assault.

He has been in custody since his arrest, and a lawyer for him could not immediately be reached for comment.

He could not be reached Monday afternoon.

Lotti was charged in a separate case Monday in New York’s northern suburbs.

He is scheduled to make his first court appearance on Tuesday in Manhattan.