Las Vegas is looking for exotic escorts after Hurricane Harvey

Las Vegas (CNN) — A hurricane is not what you might call a good time for escorts in the Southland.

A couple of months ago, a lot of the exotic-themed escorts who come to Vegas to spend the summer months were still waiting for their first big break.

“It’s hard to find them now,” said Jessica Haddad, a licensed escorter who has worked for the last three years in the city.

She’s a former escort herself.

“We had a couple of girls who got caught and we were like, ‘This is the worst time to be an escort, because they are coming from so far away.

We’re really out of money.

We don’t know what to do.'”

In some ways, that’s what has made Las Vegas the hottest destination for exotic-escorts.

Vegas is not the only place that’s been hit hard by the hurricane.

The state of Texas was also hit hard and the state’s tourism industry has been hammered.

The hurricane made the city’s strip, the Venetian, a ghost town.

Many of the resorts are struggling to make money.

But many of the escorts working in Las Vegas are now on their way back.

“I have two girls who are here and I think they’re going to make the most of it,” Haddads partner, Jennifer Lee, said.

The real estate market is also a big concern. “

But the reality is that they don’t get much money, and they’re not even that good.”

The real estate market is also a big concern.

The median home price in Las, according to the Real Estate Board of Greater Las Vegas, is $739,000, a 40% jump from last year.

It’s not just the money that’s going to be a problem, it’s also the lack of people.

“Las Vegas is in a tough situation,” Lee said.

The realtor of a luxury hotel that she works for is telling her, “We’ve got a couple hundred thousand dollars left in the bank.

We need people.

And we don’t have enough money for rent.”

The city’s hoteliers are desperate for people.

Many are even offering cash for an escort.

“For me, this is the first time in my career, I’ve been offered something in the amount of $100,000,” said Steve Loomis, CEO of The Venetians.

“The hotel is very concerned with how we can be able to serve as a safe haven and also a safe place to stay for our guests and employees.”

He said the hotel is considering offering more affordable apartments and is considering opening up a “bargain shop” for escorting.

“Right now, I have a room for two that’s worth about $800 a night, so that’s a little more than a quarter of what we pay for,” Loomins said.

Loomi said that in the future, he will need more people.

He’s not the first hotelier to say that.

“There’s going of course to be some people who are desperate,” said Loomin, who added that the number of people who can pay is “going to be higher.”

Loomic has offered to help the escorting industry recover.

He wants to hire more escorts.

“Our hotels are in the process of hiring 100 people a week,” Lompis said.

And he’s already getting calls.

“People want to know what we can offer,” he said.

But it won’t be cheap.

“As long as we don the hotel does not make money off of the people that are in our room, we’ll be able, and we’ll survive,” he added.