What you need to know about the $1.9 billion cruise ship disaster

What you should know about a cruise ship crash in the Pacific Northwest that killed 11 people and injured hundreds more in the most deadly cruise ship accident in US history. 

A cruise ship is seen in the waters off the coast of Guam in this February 19, 2018 file photo.

A cruise ship carrying 11 people was on a cruise to Japan with a Chinese crew, according to a statement from the cruise line.

The crew of the ship was heading to China when it suddenly lost power and plunged into the Pacific Ocean off the U.S. Pacific Coast on Thursday, according the US Coast Guard.

The Coast Guard said the vessel capsized and sank off the western island of Guam and the Chinese crew were taken into custody.

It is unclear whether the Chinese were on board or not.

The Coast Guard did not provide details on the cause of the accident.

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