Woman found ‘lucky’ in Craigslist scam

Posted October 12, 2018 09:13:03A woman in Delaware found lucky in Craigslist scams after her escorts paid $1,200 for her service, according to police.

A woman posted the ad on Craigslist in February with a $1k offer, which she said was for her to do “one last job” in a hotel room for $250.

When she went to the website, she received a message from someone claiming to be an escort and asked if she wanted to pay for her services.

“She was so happy, she immediately contacted her manager and told her about the offer, she paid for the room, she was happy, and we’re happy,” Detective James Gorman of the Delaware State Police said.

After checking the account, the woman called police and said she had received a $400 check from someone in the same scammer’s company.

Police say she called back the next day and said the company had already paid for her room and was not charging her.

The woman told police she did not want to comment on the case and did not know what her next step was.