California escort business in hot water after posting ads on Craigslist for Chinese escorts

California escort industry in hot-water after posting advertisements on Craigslist to advertise Chinese escort businesses.

The escort agency’s Facebook page has since been taken down.

The company said it has since terminated the contract with a Chinese escort agency.

In the ads, posted Monday on Craigslist, a female escort is shown wearing a blue and gold dress, posing for a photo with a group of people and smiling, with a caption, “Bake my heart for a good time!”

The ads, however, did not mention the company or the escort agency by name.

The escort agency has since taken down the ads.

The post was made to the escort site, the escort firm’s Facebook Page and the escort website in Chinese.

The company said on Tuesday that the ads violated the escort contract and violated its online policy against posting ads for escort services that violate the escort code of conduct.

The website posted an apology to the women who posted the ads and said it was reviewing the ads for compliance.

The escorts business in Bakersfield has a history of controversy.

In December, the city of Bakersfields police chief suspended a contract with the escort business for violating its code of ethics, but it was reinstated on Monday.

In an email to The Jerusalem Report, the escorts agency said it had a number of women in the San Jose area and that it had not hired them to work for the company in California.

The website of the escort service, “Gorgeous China,” has also been taken offline.