How to find a sex worker in the U.S.

New York City’s Hudson Valley escorts have a unique job: escorting tourists.

New York’s sex workers union is suing the city, accusing it of treating them poorly.

[AP] “The workers are the ones who are in a position of being exploited by the city,” said Julie Fink, the union’s executive director.

“They are in the same position as the prostitutes, the prostitutes are in another class.

It’s a situation where we’re the victims, but we’re not.”

The city’s lawyers are defending the city’s handling of sex work and the workers union claims that city officials have ignored their complaints.

The city has said that the prostitutes have a legitimate need to have escorts in their areas.

But critics say the city is treating sex workers as expendable.

[The Associated Press] New York state is also facing pressure to crack down on sex work.

A bill passed by the New York State Assembly would require employers to verify the immigration status of workers before hiring them.

But the bill also calls for sex workers to get paid before they are hired.

[Associated Press] The American Bar Association, the country’s largest law firm, is also urging states to take a tougher stance on sex workers.

It said the bill should not affect the rights of sex workers and should not be seen as an infringement on workers’ privacy.

“If you’re going to have sex work, you should be compensated,” said the organization’s CEO, Paul Clement.

[Politico] New York is a major tourist destination.

It has become one of the top five American destinations for escorts and other sexual services, according to the Travel Industry Association, a trade group.

But according to a study by the National Association of Travel Agents, New York has among the lowest rates of escorts on the continent.